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Ultrasonic Cleaner

A Lovely and Small Cleaner for Clear Aligners

Pink Ultrasonic claener for clear aligner
Clear aligner invisalign SLX Clearcorrect Candid

Ultrasonic Cleaning

※  In liquid,ultrasonic of a specific frequency can produce a large number of nano-scale microbubbles that directly smash the stains on the surface and in the gaps of the object. It is widely used in laboratories and precision industries because of its decontamination and no damage to objects.

ultrasoinc wave
360° cleaning 360°
High energy Ultrasonic
Million nanometer bubble
dust removal
360° Cleaning
Without leaving gaps

Efficient   /   Colorful   /  Lightweight

Invisalign Cleaner Mini Ultrasonic Washer for Aligner  Pink colorful
Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner for Clear Aligner Portable Blue colorful
Mint Ultrasonic Washer Cute Portable for Candid
Ultrasonic Cleaning How to clean invisalign、denture、mouth guard
Clean Clear Aligners in 5 minutes.invisalign、SLX、 Clearcorrect、candid pink Clock

Just 5 mins, easy to use

Put in the clear aligner,add water or mouthwash.

Connect the power and touch the switch to turn it on. After 5 mins, the cleaning is completed.


Sealed soundproof cover and fully wrapped cleaning cabin design to effectively block noise. 1m distance away, working noise less than 50 dB.

DC 12v  safe voltage, pluggable separate power supply .
Easy operation and higher safety performance.

ATYOU Ultrasonic Cleaner

A cute, caring tech gift

Colorful & Lovely

Cute and colorful.
It's beautiful to fit anywhere (even on the dresser).

Ultrasonic clenaer for invisalign、SLX、 Clearcorrect、candid

Small & lightweight

Small body with 8.3cm height, almost the same as a lipstick.
Only 310 g, lighter than a can of Coca Cola.

Small & lovely Ultrasonic cleaner for clear aligners

Tank Volume:                     150ml  
Max water line:                  100ml
Tank Material:                    Stainless Steel
Color:                                 Pink / Blue / Mint 
Product size:                      115*115*83mm
Weight:                              310g

Cleaning Technology:       Ultrasonic Cleaning
Frequency:                        42,000 Hz
Cleaning Cycle:                 5 minutes
Automatic Shut Off:          Yes
Power Supply:                   AC 100-220V, 50Hz
Power Input:                      DC 12V / 2A

Can Be Cleaned
Clear Aligner Invisalign Clearcorrect SLX Candid
Clear Aligner
Mouth Guard Sport Guard
Mouth Guard
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper

For protect your jewelry. 
Don’t use ultrasonic to clean jewelry containing loose stones or soft/porous stones such as pearls, emeralds, amber and opal.

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