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Smart Phone Sterilizer

Phone Solarium is a device that utilizes UV light and Ozone sanitizing technology, disinfecting and sterilizing your phone while it charges. This multifunctional device is also an unplugged soundbox (not a loudspeaker), phone charger and holder. 

Phone Sanitizer Sterilizer PhoneSolarium Phone sanitizer Phonesoap, bamboo soundbox, bamboo speaker
UVC  Ozone,Phone sanitizer, Phone sterilizer, Phone cleaner, phone wipes

Sterilize phone in 10 mins

How it works?

UVC light will kill or inactivate microorganisms in a short time by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Ozone is a very efficient sterilant gas because of its strong oxidizing properties capable of destroying a wide range of pathogens & germ. As a gas, it can effectively disinfect the gaps that the wipes cannot reach.

Sterilization effect(Phone solarium\Phone sanitizer)

Kills 99.99% bacteria & germs 

More than a sanitizer

Still a health mate, a beautiful furniture

Phone sanitizer, phone sterilizer, phone solarium, phone soap, phone wipes, speaker, soundbox, bamboo,charger, phone stand, phone holder

Charger cable

Universal charging cable.

Lightning, Micro USB, Type-c 3 in 1.

Suitable for the vast majority of apple, android smartphone charging input.

Unplugged Soundbox

Classic sound box appearance.​

Bamboo sound cavity design, optimize the sound quality of the mobile phone.

Unplugged sound box function for small rooms, not a loudspeaker.

Phone Holder

Mobile phone stand function.

105° comfortable elevation angle, ergonomic design.

Unique sound cavity design made of high-quality bamboo.

Provides a beautiful look and excellent sound effects for PhoneSolarium.

Healthy, environmentally friendly and fun.

Sanitizing power:    
Max. power:             
UV wavelength: 


USB charging output:
Charging power:  

Work temp.:


-10℃  - 40℃

Bamboo, Anti-flame ABS 

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