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PhoneSolarium  PhoneSterilizer

More Health, More Fun

Smart Phone Sterilizer

Phone Solarium is a device that utilizes UV light and Ozone sanitizing technology, disinfecting and sterilizing your phone while it charges. This multifunctional device is also an unplugged soundbox (not a loudspeaker), phone charger and holder. 

Phone Sanitizer Sterilizer PhoneSolarium Phone sanitizer Phonesoap, bamboo soundbox, bamboo speaker
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UVC  Ozone,Phone sanitizer, Phone sterilizer, Phone cleaner, phone wipes

Sterilize phone in 10 mins

How it works?

UVC light will kill or inactivate microorganisms in a short time by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Ozone is a very efficient sterilant gas because of its strong oxidizing properties capable of destroying a wide range of pathogens & germ. As a gas, it can effectively disinfect the gaps that the wipes cannot reach.

Sterilization effect(Phone solarium\Phone sanitizer)

Kills 99.99% bacteria & germs 

More than a sanitizer

Still a health mate, a beautiful furniture

Phone sanitizer, phone sterilizer, phone solarium, phone soap, phone wipes, speaker, soundbox, bamboo,charger, phone stand, phone holder
Phone solarium 3 in 1 Charger lightning Micro USB USB C Type C

Charger cable

Universal charging cable.

Lightning, Micro USB, Type-c 3 in 1.

Suitable for the vast majority of apple, android smartphone charging input.

bamboo soundbox, bamboo speaker, unplugged speaker, jazz, light music

Unplugged Soundbox

Classic sound box appearance.​

Bamboo sound cavity design, optimize the sound quality of the mobile phone.

Unplugged sound box function for small rooms, not a loudspeaker.

phone stand, phone holder, phone sanitizer, uv light,

Phone Holder

Mobile phone stand function.

105° comfortable elevation angle, ergonomic design.

Unique sound cavity design made of high-quality bamboo.

Provides a beautiful look and excellent sound effects for PhoneSolarium.

Healthy, environmentally friendly and fun.

Sanitizing power:    
Max. power:             
UV wavelength: 


USB charging output:
Charging power:  

Work temp.:


-10℃  - 40℃

Bamboo, Anti-flame ABS 

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